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Our Story

Cocktails and Candles
From Hotel Bar to Hipster Bar
and everywhere else in-between

An ice filled shaker, the sound of a cocktail being poured, the beauty of a storied bar. Serving up drinks with a wry smile and a knowing glance is the ever mindful and always nosy Dirty Bartender. A bartender with class and sass mixing up his own brand of candles. 

These are the elements that go into each and every fragrance that the Dirty Bartender curates and creates for his cocktail candle collections. Should he be eavesdropping? Probably not, but if he weren’t he wouldn’t have a candle and a story to share.

Take a journey as each fragrance reminds him of an overheard story, a time and a place, evoking a feeling of. . . well, that's something you get to decide. 

​The Dirty Bartender hopes you will enjoy each scent as much as he does. He will continue to cultivate and evolve new collections with seasonal offerings and collaborative mixes with some of his favorite spirits.

You never know where he will be, what bar he has visited and what fragrance will be next…

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