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In collaboration with Instagram Influencer:

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FLAT RATE $4.95 shipping 


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8 oz. fill |  premium pink glass | 40 hour avg. burn | soy candle | gift box

It all started on weekend as the Dirty Bartender scrolled Instagram and came across BBFBravo’s account and her hilarious Deep Dive on Ramona and her centerpieces.


From there he was hooked devouring each and every highlight. Before he knew it, it was cocktail time and he was mixing cocktails and telling friends.


Then inspiration struck and a new candle was mixed! We hope you enjoy this new fragrance as you go down a deep dive…

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In collaboration with Instagram Influencer:


We proudly  introduce our carefully curated collection of hand poured scented candles.


Take a journey as each fragrance is a remembrance an overheard story, a time and a place, evoking a feeling of...

8oz. fill | black glass | 40 hour avg. burn | soy candle | gift box

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A portion of profits from EQUALITY cocktail candle sold is donated to Lambda Legal's fight for LGBTQ+ equality!

Check out the vodka that started it all- EqualityVodka.com

8oz. black glass | 40 hour avg. burn | soy candle | gift box

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Dirty Bartender Collection button Equali

Inspired by the thirty years of service, the DIFFA/Dallas collaboration is an instant classic. Three distinct and iconic fragrances will transform your mood and space.

8oz. black glass | 40 hour avg. burn | soy candle | gift box


A portion of proceeds from every candle benefit DIFFA/Dallas.

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DIRTY BARTENDER No. 28- Intoxicated Leather Bar

"We bought DirtyBartender No.28 Intoxicated Leather Bar,
They burn slow which is AWESOME and fill the whole apartment
which is AMAZING!

H.B., San Antonio TX.

No. 9 Floral Customer